“Industry is Recovering – Time to Exit?”

Is this a good time to consider selling your company?

According to USGS, construction aggregates sales volumes during 2015 increased by 6 percent as compared to 2014. First quarter 2016 sales volumes were up 16 percent as compared to 2015.

Similarly, large publically traded companies are reporting strong operating and financial performance. For example, Vulcan Materials Co. reported first quarter sales and profits increases of 20 percent and 116 percent respectively. Martin Marietta reported first quarter sales revenue and volume increases of nearly 15 percent. Their balance sheets have improved.

Not sure where to begin?

I think you will find Mid-America’s recent article in the Aggregate Manager’s Daily Scoop titled “A Primer For Buying or Selling An Aggregates Operation” to be of interest.

This article focuses on one of the most important aspects associated with selling, or buying, a quarry or mine – Fair Market Value. It is an important first step for sellers who need to establish a sales price target that fully values their business. Similarly, buyers want to pay a fair price, but not overpay.

This article explores some of the myths associated with valuations as well as describing the process for deriving a good estimate of value. It describes several of the myriad of factors that impact an operation’s value and its relative attractiveness to prospective purchasers. Conversely many factors contribute to determining whether a prospective acquisition represents a good acquisition.

To read the article published on aggman.com click here.  To download printable PDF click here