Buy-Side Representations

Mid-America is often retained as buyer’s Acquisition Advisory Team to direct due diligence investigations, value targets, and assist with negotiating price and deal terms.  Typical engagements involve mining industry targets valued between $5 and $75 million.

Industry & Transactional Experience

Mid-America has extensive experience acting as prospective buyers’ Acquisition Advisory Team:

  • Mid-America’s Experience – Mid-America has been an advisor on prospective acquisitions cumulatively valued at nearly $350 million.
  • Team’s Experience – Mid-America’s team members have also led acquisition teams on transactions valued at more than $600 million prior to joining the company. In addition to their transactional experience, our team has decades of experience within the mining industry. This includes operational, technical and managerial expertise.
  • Representative Assignments – Mid-America’s clients include family owned businesses, Fortune 500 Companies and financial buyers such as private equity firms. Assignments include various segments of the mining industry, especially construction aggregates and coal.