Management Consulting

Profits Improvement & Growth

Mid-America advises business owners and corporate executives who desire to grow their business and increase profits through lower costs, expanding markets and sales, solving complex strategic problems, and/or acquisitions.

Mid-America can effectively solve problems and identify growth opportunities. Our consultants are seasoned mining experts who have the breadth of industry experience necessary to identify problems as well as their solutions.

Mid-America’s clients include aggregates producers, coal companies and various other mining companies. They vary in size from small family owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as Bechtel Corporation.

Comprehensive Disciplines
  • Feasibility Studies
    • Evaluate project economic viability and identify risks and opportunities.
  • Operational Assessments
    • Develop profit improvement plans.
  • Strategic Business Planning
    • Develop long-term business plans for improved profitability and corporate growth.
  • Market Studies
    • Determine mine’s/quarry’s competitive market position and identify business expansion opportunities by evaluating the dynamics of existing versus future market supply and demand.
Management Consulting Benefits
  • Expanded Sales Revenues
  • Lower Costs
  • Increased Profits
  • Minimize Capital
Expert Witness

Mid-America’s team has decades of experience valuing mineral properties, mines and quarries, as well as decades of transactional experience.

Our team also has decades of experience negotiating, analyzing and administering mineral leases and surface leases.  Mr. Nowobilski has authored several published articles covering the acquisition and valuation of business and mining properties, and mineral leases.

Areas of Expertise

Mr. Nowobilski has been retained as an expert witness on the following topics:

  • Mineral Leases – Including lease terms & conditions, royalty rates and compliance.
  • Mineral Property Value – Including developed and under developed properties.
  • Financial Assessments – Including the sales and financial performance of mines and quarries.  Also, economic feasibility valuations.