Sell-Side Representations

Mid-America has the necessary industry knowledge and contacts to facilitate the sale of mining companies and mining properties at sales prices and terms that fully value them.  We strive to complete the sale discretely and professionally.

90 Percent Success Rate – Mid-America has a proven track record of closing 90 percent (90%) of our Sell-Side Representations.


Mid-America uses a proven Three Phase Sales Process designed to:

  • Increase the marketability and value of your quarry, mine, or business.
  • Identify companies or individuals who have strategic or synergistic reasons to acquire the asset or business.
  • Create competition between the prospective acquirers in order to obtain multiple bids that fully values the asset or business.

In summary, Mid-America’s process has been proven to maximize value at the best terms and deal structure.

  • Assessment & Valuation
  • Marketing
  • The Close
  • Identify Goals & Objectives
  • Assessment & Valuation
  • Decision To Sell or Hold
  • Identify Prospective Purchasers
  • Finalize Marketing Strategy
  • Descriptive Offering Document
  • Marketing & Bid Solicitation
  • Structure The Deal
  • Manage Due Diligence
  • Finalize Purchase Agreement
  • Close The Transaction
Assessment & Valuation

A comprehensive assessment and valuation of the business is the first step in the sale process.  This comprehensive analysis begins with a site visit and client meetings, and concludes with the submission of a detailed written report that includes our estimate of value. Representative Scope of Work:

  • Site Visit. Multi-day site visit.
  • Management interviews regarding historical and forecast performance.
  • Review historical performance and financial data. Determine appropriate recast items in order to better reflect the true business potential.
  • Review management’s development plan and supporting documents.
  • Assess competitive market position.
  • Develop a set of pro forma financial models of sufficient detail to utilize the Income Approach employing discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Written Report. Written report containing the following sections: Executive Summary, Marketing Analysis, Operations Analysis, Financial Analysis, Growth Plan and Valuation (including pro forma financial models).

Decision to Proceed or Hold – Following the completion of the comprehensive evaluation and valuation, Mid-America will work with our client (“seller”) and their advisors towards a decision to Proceed With A Sale, or Hold.  In addition to Sales Price, making the decision considers tax implications, current market conditions as well as whether opportunities to enhance value have been identified, which might be done before proceeding with a sale.


Mid-America uses a proven comprehensive marketing program to find the best possible buyer.  Our process begins with finalizing your objectives and a realistic sales price, and ends with the execution of a letter of intent.

Preparing to Market:

  • Finalize your objectives and a realistic sales price that can be supported by the business evaluation and valuation.
  • Complete a detailed selling memorandum (Confidential Descriptive Memorandum) that describes your business and supports the target sales price.
  • Prepare a one page executive summary (Confidential Business Profile).

Strategic Marketing Campaign:

Develop a customized marketing campaign and manage the entire marketing process including buyer communications, buyer visits, and buyer negotiations.

  • Buyer Identification:

Our extensive knowledge allows us to develop a list of strategic buyers who would have economic, operational, or geographical synergies.  We also identify and qualify other prospective purchasers.

  • Finalize Marketing Program:

A client specific marketing plan is finalized based upon our assessment of all factors including the strategic buyer’s criteria that have been identified.  When possible we utilize a controlled auction as we find it is extremely effective in meeting the objective of maximizing sales price and obtaining favorable terms.

  • Bid Solicitation & Analysis:

We contact the decision maker at each prospective purchaser, forward a copy of the Confidential Descriptive Memorandum, manage all communications, coordinate due-diligence, and solicit bids from interested parties.

  • Letter of Intent:

Negotiate acceptable price, terms and deal structure.

The Close

Following the execution of the Letter of Intent, Mid-America remains involved through the finalization of a definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement and closing of the transaction.  Experience plays a very important role as the transaction phase typically presents a number of complexities and challenges that potentially can delay or even prevent the final transaction.

  • Structure the Deal:

Mid-America works with the Seller and their accountant to determine the best structure.  Details include promissory notes, earn-out arrangements, employment agreements and consideration of taxes.

  • Manage Purchaser’s Due Diligence:

Manage Purchaser’s examination of detailed information (financial, operational and legal) in order to confirm that all material facts of the business have been fairly represented.  Set up a data room to facilitate that review.

  • Negotiate & Complete the Necessary Legal Documents:

Having closed numerous transactions over nearly 25 years, Mid-America has specific industry knowledge and insight into what are “customary and fair” contract terms and what are not.  Therefore we work closely with your legal team to insure you get the best possible contract terms.

  • Close the Transaction:

Manage the final stages of the process through closing of the transaction in order to insure the sale is completed.